Me And My Daughter Love The Same Man


This may sound weird to you all. Even I don’t know how exactly to make you understand my plight. But the truth is that I am in deep pain at this moment. I am a 45 year old woman. I separated from my husband and lived with my sister. My daughter has recently moved out of home and she lives in her own apartment. The problem is that she and I are in love with the same man and this has hurt both of ours feelings.

This man is a friend of my husband. I have known him ever since I have known my husband. He is single, never married and lives alone. I don’t know when I started developing a crush on him. He was so strong and handsome. I started thinking that my husband is nothing in front of him. We never had an affair, but he did talk to me and my husband when we had a fight. He tried to console me and as a friend lend a helping hand. His sole motive was to make me and my husband reunites. However, in one of the fights, I lashed out at my husband for not being perfect as him and now we live separately.

There is nothing wrong with his friendship with my husband. They are childhood pals and have been through a lot together. It was my fault anyway, so they both are still as great friends. However, my husband has totally given up on life and now lives solely on alcohol. My 22 year old daughter has fallen in love with the same man. I noticed how frequently she started going to her father’s home. She used to go there on weekends, but now she would stay there longer.

I had started sensing that she is getting too close to her father and I hated it. Yes, I still hate my husband. I had made a small misjudgment; she was not only getting close to her father, but that man, as well. Now, they both are in love with each other. Now, they want to get married. My husband thinks that my daughter would stay secure with him. I know that he is a nice man and after all these years, if he has chosen my daughter to be his wife, I know that he would keep her very happy.

But what about my own emotions? I have loved him all these years. I didn’t even feel bad about having to leave my husband because I had some faint hope lingering in my mind that he would marry me and not someone else. I never knew that this someone else would be my own daughter. I hate my daughter for this. How can she marry someone who is loved by her mother? How can he not understand how much I love him and marry my very own daughter? I hate all these people. I must better start looking for new opportunities.

  1. Ouch!! You are in a royal mess… If you think that the guy will keep your daughter happy and will be perfect for her then you must let your daughter marry him. You have never committed anything to your husband’s friend and you just believe that he loves you. However, this can be untrue too. And, maybe he really loves your daughter. So, speak up and get all things cleared before they tie the knot.



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