What Sort Of A Boss Would You Sleep With?

He cant believe his eyes

It was bound to happen eventually. I always fantasized about my husband’s boss. My dreams that involved him were some of the dirtiest dreams I have ever had. I should have known that company party plus booze plus hubby’s boss would equally booty’but I didn’t. I am a little awkward when it comes to social interactions, so at his company parties I always have to get kind of sloshed just to talk to people. Well my husband went off to talk to a co-worker’and that’s when it happened.

I had a mixed drink in my hand and so did my husband’s boss. One drink turned into two, which turned into three which turned into seven. I am a lightweight so I was destroyed. Coming on to my husband’s boss was all it took to get him to take me up to his hotel room. As my husband worked the room, as he is so good at doing, I found myself naked in a hotel bed with his boss. It was the hottest sex I had had in years. Just the thrill of a new body to explore was enough to make me super horny.

As I rode my husband’s boss like a stallion I didn’t even think about getting caught. The thought never crossed my mind that it would even happen. Of course, when you’re drunken lots of things don’t cross your mind that probably should. The next thing I remember is stumbling back down to the party with my hair a mess and my dress all twisted up. Husband’s boss didn’t point this out to me and I was too destroyed to notice. I sat back down at our table at the party while my newest sex partner went to use the men’s room. Just at that moment my husband came over to me and asked me where I had been. Being too drunk to lie I told him the truth. And his reaction is what I expected, but not what anyone hearing this story will expect.

Instead of being furious with me for sleeping with his boss, he told me it was his turn to get even. That’s when he grabbed his boss’s assistant and started making out with her right in front of me. While most women would have been mad, I took it in stride. I knew this was his MO and even I had to admit turnabout was fair play. I later found out that my husband took his boss’s assistant out to our car and promptly slept with her in our backseat. Once they had returned to the party the four of us ended up sitting at the same table. I thought it would be awkward, and it was. But not between me and my husband, between his boss and his boss’s assistant. When each realized what the other had done they both became furious. It turns out that even though the relationship is inappropriate my husband’s boss had been sleeping with his assistant. Apparently no one in the office had caught on prior to this party.

At the end of the night, my husband and I got into our car to drive home. We looked over and saw my husband’s boss and his assistant standing beside her car making out like a couple of horny teenagers. We blew out of the parking lot and left them there to fate. It turns out that she went home with him that night and they had sex for the last time. He angrily broke up with her the next day.


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